Hydrate Me! Leave My Hair

Updated: Feb 11, 2019


Water is the root source of energy for each and every cell in our body. It includes those cells that are responsible for hair growth and its health. Water activates the scalp nerve endings and sensors in our skin and scalp that boosts the natural vitality of the hair root. The most common problem of afro textured hair kids is the issue of dryness. If your child's hair is dry that equates to breakage which results in ZERO length retention.

Why not encourage your child to drink more water everyday. If your child struggles why not attempt a 30day Hydrate Me Challenge, you will amazed the difference it will make in the texture and their skin and hair. For fussy water drinkers try infusing fruit in water, this is such a fun way to convince them without turning to sweetened juice.

You can even set up a fruit water bar at home, get them to choose the fruit of the day...FUN RIGHT!

Drinking adequate water drastically reduces the issue of dry skin and scalp. Water as a natural skin moisturiser and carries essential nutrients to the skin cells and hair follicles.

FYI..... scalp is made of skin.


We do too much too soon on our children's tender head/hair and in turn stressing out their hair. As mothers/fathers OR carers to afro textured hair children we feel the need to style their hair to perfection, which has been passed down from generations, I totally get that. However if you consider how this can sometimes stunt the growth of your child's hair you will simply LEAVE THE HAIR ALONE!

What I mean is choose low manipulation hairstyles, no tight pulling on the those edges, no extensions. Wash and ALWAYS deep condition every 2-3 weeks. It might seem to be asking a lot for busy mums who just want to simply get the hair out of the way, but are you willing to pay the heavy price of hair loss at such a early age.

If you have been putting off getting your child's hair back on the right track.

Sign up with below to take part in the 30day Hydrate Me, Leave My Hair Challenge.

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